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From health and wellness to motor clubs, there is a business for whatever you are looking for. Starting a home business is easy to do and some start as low as $35 which gives you a website for a year. If you have any questions just call the people listed on the websites below.

More home biz websites will be added in the future. Get a link listing on this site. Your link will remain live here as long as you stay in business. If you switch companies your listing will be updated for free. Want a page of your own on this website? If so just write an article and it can be added to a page with your business listing. This is free and can be done at the time you purchase your link.
Call Robin 225-636-0818

Start a healthy coffee business with ganoderma coffee. Coming soon. Click the link from time to time until we go live.

Ganoderma Coffee

Coffee Investigator

Questions about the Moms Work From Home website?

Call 225-413-8928
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YEVO Foods In Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA

New network marketing company that makes healthy vitamin fortified foods. Go to the links above to learn more about this new opportunity that has millions invested and millions sitting on the sidelines for more investing. I was told there was 800 Million dollars available to invest into the company.

YEVO is about as ground floor opportunity as you will find. I'm writing this as on 1/04/2015 and the company launches on February 1st 2015. You can call Bill at 225-413-8928 if you want to advertise on this site. I can add your name, phone number and website link to the opportunity. If you do not get an answer please leave a number and we will get back with you. I elected not to become a member of YEVO as I have too much going on at the present time.


Moms Work From Home

This "Moms Work From Home" website will provide moms with information about different opportunities to make money working from home.

You will also find other information that will help you get your business off the ground after you pick the home business that is right for you. You really need to find an opportunity that you will enjoy doing. If you do that then you will never work a day in your life. If it is fun and you enjoy it then it will be so much easier to do. You also want to find a home business that pays good. There are so many opportunities on the internet to choose from that it can get confusing. I hope I can take away some of that confusion and present you with opportunities that I am aware of that are better then most.

These will not be get rich opportunities. If someone presents you with a get rich opportunity you need to run the other way. I know of NO get rich opportunity that has ever worked. Most offer false promises  that usually end up costing you money and the only person getting rich is the person that is getting everyone to join or buy whatever they have to offer. You will end up being totally disgusted with and feel like you have been taken advantage of. 

Getting Started
When you pick a home business to get into you are not alone. Anytime you have a question feel free to call me and I will do my best to answer your questions. I will also help you get started in your home business and give you some one on one help for free. I will always be available for you anytime you get in one or more of these businesses. I suggest you start with one or two opportunities, learn them, start making money in them or maybe getting advertising credits.
This page contains banners that go to other websites that have money making opportunities.

Renegade University - Internet marketing and training school
If you are new to the internet and want to start a home business and don't know where to start may I suggest you look at Renegade University. Renegade University is loaded with all sorts of information and training about marketing your business on the internet. You can even use the Renegade University as your home business like so many people have done.

Take Renegade up on their 30 day money back offer or the 7 day free trial. Click Here

Npros - Most complete information on the internet about home business opportunities and network marketing.
Npros is a great place to do your research and find the home business that interest you. There
is a ranking system they have in place to compare one company to another. I find this a very interesting site and a great place to advertise and get good qualified leads to call.

Join the Free Npros Affiliate Program. Earn a 30% referral commission when you encourage other home based business professionals to visit Npros and promote their business opportunity through Npros Classified, rep Listings and our new Rewards Portal. Earn an additional 30% of the total affiliate commission earned by every one of your referrals.

Here are three home based businesses that may be of interest to you. Low start-up fee and low monthly auto-ship.


Note: A home business is all that you make it. If you work at it like any other job then you have an opportunity to be successful. If you treat it like a hobby then you will have just that,,, an expensive hobby. It takes time to get a home business off the ground, usually around 6 months to a year. Some people do get off to a fast start and make a good deal of money, but for about 90% of the people, it is slow going. You always need to treat your business as if you are the 10% that get off to a fast start. You need to stay motivated and listen to any webinars and online training that your company conducts. Listening to other people that are doing good in the business will help propel you into the 10% or at least motivate you to find a way to succeed. Sometimes people give up just two feet from the gold.

IMfaceplate is a marketing site that you can join and meet other people that are interested or looking for a home business. You can join for free which is what I have done but will have limited use. You can also join under the $14.95 monthly plan which is normally $19.95. When you 1st sign up you may be offered a special for going from free to Pro or after you join it may be offered for $14.95. Start off free and wait for the specials

Visit SE Louisiana area called the bedroom community of New Orleans. This area is growing fast and now has many shopping centers, hospitals, State Parks plus hotels and Bed and Breakfast that are some of the best around. Visit Saint Tammany Parish Tourist Information Site

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